Certification ISO 9001

Itecons has a Quality Management System in place that is certified by the Portuguese Certification Association – APCER (EN ISO 9001) on the provision of consulting services, measurement and testing, research and technological development, technical evaluation and training and events in the area of construction of construction, energy, the environment and sustainability.

Accreditation by ISO/IEC 17025

In the scope of Measurement and Testing, Itecons performs almost 300 tests accredited by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute - IPAC (NP EN ISO/IEC 17025).

Technological Interface Centre

Itecons is recognized as a Technological Interface Centre for promoting innovation and qualification in businesses.

Notified Body

As a Testing Laboratory, within the framework of the Construction Products Regulation, Itecons is able to assist manufacturers in affixing the CE marking, for a System 3 product, for a wide range of construction products.

Technical Assessment Body

Itecons can help the manufacturers of construction products as a Technical Assessment Body, recognized by the European Commission, to prepare a European Assessment Document (EAD) and issue a European Technical Assessment (ETA), in the scope of the Regulation of Construction Products.


Itecons is qualified to provide services to SMEs in the context of funding “Vouchers”.