Support in the development of special projects

Itecons has a specialised team, made up of technical specialists in various areas of engineering and architecture, who can provide project design services or support to project design. Itecons has extensive experience in designing projects for new works such as rehabilitation and/or containment works. Here are some examples of work performed by Itecons:
Energy rehabilitation of swimming pools (within the framework of the "Centro" Operational Programme - Energy Efficiency in Local Administration Public Infrastructures)
Construction project of the pedestrian bridge of the Mondego, upstream from the Ponte , with bike path and paths for the Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James ) and Fátima.
Project and accompaniment of the work of the Pedestrian Bridge of the Aguieiras Waterfall (Municipality of Arouca)
Project of the bridge of Moinhos da Ribeira (Municipality of Penela)
Bicycle path project that will integrate the requalification project of the Ribeirinha Front (Municipality of Montemor-o-Velho)
Rehabilitation project of the S. Martinho - Sta. Marinha bridge (Municipality of Seia)
Structural rehabilitation project of roofs (metal structure and wood structure)
Rehabilitation project of the Arrifana - Seia Bridge (Municipality of Seia)
Project of the pedestrian bridge of the Torres do Mondego river beach
Architecture project of the south dome of the Astronomical Observatory, Lisbon.