Energy certification of buildings under DL118 / 2013: Emission of pre-certified SCE

Understanding the energy performance of buildings is one of the key factors for sustainability in the construction sector. The information provided by the certification processes can work as a guide for public and private projects, rehabilitation initiatives and negotiation processes. Itecons experts issue certificates for simple and/or complex infrastructures, namely:
- Buildings in project phase: Issue of a pre-certificate - evaluate and estimate the energy performance of buildings, still in the design phase, to guide the choices of construction professionals and managers of public and private buildings.
- New buildings: Issue of a certificate – indication of the energetic class of new buildings to serve as a reference to public tenders, negotiation or leasing processes, as well as evidence of differentials of efficiency and sustainability.
- Existing buildings: Issue of a certificate - the diagnosis of the energy performance in existing buildings is essential to guide for the adoption of efficiency measures and, when feasible, the use of renewable energy.
Taking this into account, Itecons also supports the identification and technical-economic evaluation of improvement measures with a view of the optimisation of the thermal and energetic performance of buildings, as well as carrying out projects with view of their implementation.