Preparation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Itecons develops Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies in accordance with requirements specified in PCR documents (Product Category Rules) for the preparation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).
The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a voluntary tool for communicating the environmental performance of a product's life cycle, in which quantified and reliable environmental information is presented. This statement may be subject to verification by third parties and subject to registration in a System of Environmental Product Declarations (Declaration Type III). Examples of European systems are: IBU, The International EPD System (Environdec), INÍES, BRE, DAPHabitat and Ecoplatform. The preparation of these declarations must be made according to international standard ISO 14025. In the case of construction materials and products, ISO 21930, EN 15804 and EN 15942 must also be followed.
The development of a type III EPD involves:
- Development of a LCA study according to the requirements specified in PCR documents (Product Category Rules);
- Preparation of an EPD based on the results of the LCA study and according to the model provided by an EPD registration system;
- Independent third-party verification of the data used in the study, as well as the results obtained;
- Decision to validate the document and registration in a database.