In recent years the production of interactive visual content has revolutionized the design and manufacturing processes of products for a wide range of sectors, with the aim of making comparisons between products, 3D printing, web publishing, design analysis or even experiences prior to its manufacture.
Itecons provides visual content creation services with the goal of having a 3D modeling experience:
- Photorealistic images;
- 3D animations;
- 360º videos;
- 3D interactive content;
- Additive manufacturing (exporting models for 3D printing);
- Augmented reality.
You can import our files into other software such as Rhino®, SketchUp® and other widely used CAD formats to create your own realistic scenarios and engaging content. In addition, exporting files that are compatible with augmented reality technologies and additive manufacturing will allow you to bring virtual models to the real world, reducing prototype building and design errors in complex products.