Project design analysis, review and optimisation

Increasingly, project owners, contractors and designers have been required to pay special attention to the need to review projects.
Reviewing a project, besides leading to the suppression of mistakes and omissions in the project, it could also lead to project optimisation and lower construction costs, either direct or indirect, due to the increase of rigour and the elimination of errors and omissions.
At Itecons, we have human resources and work tools aimed at reviewing projects from the various specialties.
This service may be acquired for the fields of engineering or architecture, and may include an overhaul of all specialty projects or a review of some of the more critical specialties.
Should any incompatibility/error/omission be detected, Itecons can collaborate in presenting and dimensioning corrective and/or optimisation solutions. This work can sometimes be carried out in conjunction with other agents involved in the process, such as designers and contractors.