PErsonAlised e-Business Coaching for Construction SMEs


In the wider construction industry, e-Commerce is today used mostly by the big players and its true potential is maybe ignored to some large extent by smaller companies of the sector.

Our aim is to understand the reasons and improve the situation by giving to SMEs from the wider construction area the tools to reap the benefits of e-Commerce. PEACOC will develop a training program addressing the ECVET profile of the e-Business Manager in the construction sector.



Promote e-commerce in the construction sector by dzeveloping a vocational education and training program.

— Design, develop, test, implement and disseminate an innovative training framework to support the up-skill of construction SMEs and the training of individuals wanting to find employment in the construction sector in an EU country;

— Develop the EU construction sector through development of the e-Business Manager Profile, a professional capable of devising e-Commerce/e-Business strategies for adopting ICT to uncover the potential from a range of services available to a virtual, "border-less" construction community with projects and even offices in different locations.



  • A1: Project Coordination
    • Quarterly Progress Reports
    • M1: Kick Off Meeting - UK
    • M2: 2nd Meeting - EL
    • M3: 3rd Meeting – NL
  • A2: Quality Assurance
    • Project Quality Plan
    • Project Assessment Report
  • A3: Dissemination
    • Dissemination Plan
    • Website
    • E1: Training Promotion Event - UK
    • E2: Training Promotion Event - PT
    • E3: Training Promotion Event - EL
    • E4: Training Promotion Event - NL
  • A4: Exploitation & Outreach
    • Exploitation and Roll Out Plan
    • PEACOC Academy Virtual Space
    • E5: PEACOC Academy Promotion - SI
    • E6: PEACOC Conference
  • A5: Validation
    • Validation Plan
    • Dry Runs: Validation Training Exercises
  • O1: e-Business Manager Training Course – BMT Course
    • O1/A1 - National/Transational Phase
    • O1/A2 - Needs Validation Phase
    • O1/A3 - Training Methodology and e-Business Strategies Definition
    • O1/A4 - Action List Identification & Description
    • O1/A5 - BMT Course Development
    • O1/A6 - Localisation
    • O1/A7 - ECVET Supporting Tools Development
  • O2: e-Business Strategy Genie
    • O2/A1 - Genie Design & Development
    • O2/A2 - Actions Integration to Genie
  • O3: Skills Retention Service
    • O3/A1: LME set up and configuration
    • O3/A2: Content Re-purposing and modelling



PEACOC will design, develop, test, implement and disseminate an innovative training framework (modular training course along with online and conventional training materials facilitated by two innovative tools, the e-Business Genie and the Learning Motivation Environment) that will support the in-service training and up-skill of the target groups.

Results comprise:
— A set of competences and learning outcomes for the ECVET profiles of the e-Business Manager for construction sector;
— A modular training model;
— An e-Business Strategy Genie facilitating personalised hands-on training on the adoption of proven e-Business strategies;
— A novel learning environment providing access to quality VET training on the uptake of e-Business by the wider construction sector and skills retention function;
— PEACOC Academy as a first step for sustaining the eBMT Training Program.