Central Region’s Smart Innovation Ecosystem

INOVC+ is a special strategic program for the enhancement of scientific and technological knowledge that consists of the implementation of a regional pilot project, which, in a networking context involving non-business entities of the regional R&I system (such as Higher Education Institutions (Universities and Polytechnics), Centers of Technology Enhancement and Transfer, Technological Centers, Science and Technology Parks, among others) and companies, enhance the transfer of knowledge and the results of R&TD activities to the regional economy.

The origin of this program stems from the idea of ​​creating an articulated system between Science, Technology and the Companies of the Central Region that contributes to making the industry more innovative and Higher Education Institutions, where the greatest technological and research potential is found, more business-like.

In this context, the mission of the INOVC+ Program is the following: Consolidate an Ecosystem of Intelligent Innovation, open and inclusive, incorporating a complete offer of resources, infrastructures and dynamics, with transversal and sectorally oriented, thus contributing to the sustainability and competitiveness of the Central Region.

Its main goal is to raise awareness among students, researchers and entrepreneurs for the development of seed projects and spinoffs, in strategic areas for the Central Region and duly aligned with the Smart Specialization Strategy advocated for it (RIS 3 Centro), with a view to transforming innovative ideas into business initiatives, and should therefore include activities of a diverse spectrum.

With this operation, the co-promoters aim to affirm the Center Region as a national reference with international projection in the creation of new products and services resulting from R&D+I activities, through a program to enhance scientific and technological knowledge that consists of implementing of a strategic planning framework through a Regional Ecosystem of Intelligent Innovation, with the ultimate aim of generating and creating an important number of business initiatives based on R&D+I activities.



Accelerate the change of attitudes, values ​​and more entrepreneurial and open behaviors, in collaboration in innovation projects, use of new ideas and technologies, taking risks and combating the stigma of failure;

Empower academic communities to create innovative projects which aim to transfer knowledge to the companies of the Region;

  • Support the creation of technology-based companies based on advanced knowledge;
  • Promoting an increase in the technological intensity of the region's industry, reinforcing its connection to the national technological and scientific system;
  • Attract foreign direct investment aimed at creating or strengthening high-tech business units in the region;
  • Make companies aware of the innovation ecosystem that will allow them to expand their capabilities;
  • Establish networking between the consortium and the participants, in order to consolidate the assimilated knowledge;
  • Expand, disseminate and disseminate the knowledge generated.



In addition to the strategic objectives presented above, operational objectives were also defined, which are intended to be achieved with the implementation of the different activities of the InovC+ project: Intelligent Innovation Ecosystem.

  • Dynamization and articulation of agents in the territory supporting the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge and attracting investment;
  • Collect, organize, standardize and make available existing information in the territory;
  • Creation of future support and monitoring actions to enhance the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge;
  • Increase knowledge regarding scientific and technological knowledge transfer networks, through benchmarking national and other international collaborative networks;
  • Support the generation of innovative ideas that lead to the creation of new companies with high competitive and internationalization potential;
  • Development of innovative tools for information, support and monitoring of transfer initiatives, facilitating the definition of appropriate and effective strategies to support the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge by territorial agents;
  • Develop regional and national dissemination and communication campaigns;
  • Promote, disseminate and encourage a culture of transferring scientific and technological knowledge in the territory that generates knowledge and qualified employment.



  1. Awareness and Networking
  2. Identification of R&D+I technologies and needs
  3. Valuation and Marketing
  4. Promotion and dissemination of results
  5. Structuring and management of the Innovation Ecosystem