Regions for climate change resilience through Innovation, Science and Technology


Over the last years the planetary climate emergency has become socially widely admitted and the urgency to adapt and react in front of climate change effects have passed from being considered a scientific discussion to be a social priority with huge political implications. The problem is more urging than ever and has again been placed at the centre of the EU agenda in 2020 by an agreement by EU leaders to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% until 2030. Such an ambitious objective, implying both the adoption of new innovations, polices and measures and the phase-out of inadequate ones, and with strong community engagement, can only be achieved through experimentation and demonstration.



RESIST will adopt a new practical framework in which climate adaptation pathways will be tested in four EU regions with different socioeconomic profiles: Southwest Finland, Central Denmark, Catalonia and Central Portugal. Each region will test adaptation solutions to five key climate challenges: floods, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires, and soil erosion, and will bring together civil society, business, policymakers and the research community to work towards its future resilience.



RESIST will strengthen the resilience and accelerate the transformation and increase adaptive capacity of 12 climate-vulnerable EU regions, implementing 4 large-scale demonstrators of resilient innovations for Climate Change Adaptation (CCA). This project will promote transfer of know-how and innovative solutions to 8 twin regions (of which 4 less developed regions) through both physical mutual-learning activities and innovative immersive digital twins. RESIST will contribute to the EU agenda on CCA, through intervention in 3 main areas:
- Promote and demonstrate an innovative, more participative approach to resilience and CC adaptation in 4 demonstrator and 8 twinning regions (including 5 less developed regions in total) demonstrating >12 new solution lines, accelerating regional resilience and helping reach the adaptation-mission;
- Co-design and contribute to the development of new regional measures, policy instruments and social and technological solutions in 12 regions involving 22m citizens, increasing awareness/resilience by 10% and levels of green investments by 20%, reducing economic losses due to natural hazards such as floods by 14% and climate protection gap by 50%;
- Reduce time-to-market/risk for >100 new CCA Solutions from providers across Europe, offering them scale-up for their products.



WP1 - Technical Framework for Climate-resilient Demonstration
WP2 - Collaboration and Networking Platform
WP3 - Large-scale collaborative demonstrators and Twinning activities for climate-resilient innovation
WP4 - Maximizing impact: Communication, Outreach and Transformation through Social Innovation
WP5 - Project management, coordination and policy relations