Smart Roofs System: Advanced Roofs Waterproofing System

  • Project code
  • Approval date
  • Start date
  • Conclusion date
  • Promotor
    Saint-Gobain Portugal
  • Copromotors
    Têxteis Penedo Itecons Citeve CeNTI
  • Intervention region
    Região Centro e Região Norte
  • Total eligible amount
    1.122.020,25 €
  • Financial support from the European Union
    FEDER - 733.320,55 €
  • Funding

The Smart Roofs copromotion project aims the research and development of an advanced roofs waterproofing system with thermal reflectance capability. This system will be composed of a waterbased polymeric membrane with UV reflective additives, reinforced with smart textile substrate with coupled humidity sensing and regulation, and acceleration of the active heating curing process. By combining materials and technologies will result in an innovative and distinctive solution for the demanding global construction market. Having as main application areas in conventional flat roofs (warm roofs) or inverted roofs, the project involves the development of a base layer mortar to support and interface between the insulation material and the waterproofing system in conventional flat roof configuring a final product application kit. The resultant product of this project will be able to respond to the cracking and reduced durability problems of the water-based polymeric membranes equivalent or superior than the solvent-based membrane technically perform used in the current area. Its sustainable aspects characterized by the use of less polluting and unhealthy materials, the reduced material thermal absorption which consequently results in less damage to the structure system, lower costs associated with repairs and greater ease of maintenance are crucial in purchasing decision. Developments will be promoted in the areas of waterproofing liquid membranes; UV reflective pigments; textile structures with technical properties for reinforcing mortars; integration of moisture sensing and regulation systems in textile structures weaving process; 3D printed sensors on textile substrate; and active cure process of waterproofing membranes/mortars.

To ensure the success of the project, a multidisciplinary team with complementary skills was defined with 2 companies – Saint-Gobain Portugal, S.A. and Têxteis Penedo, S.A. and 3 ENESII entities – ITECONS, CITEVE and CENTI which, based on their areas of competence, guarantee the necessary competences in the various areas of project development and respond to the proposed challenge.