Catálogo de pontes térmicas lineares

The catalogue gives ψ* values for a range of linear thermal bridging situations in buildings, for different constructive solutions such as brick masonry, stone masonry, wood, concrete, etc.. Linear thermal transmittance ψ is determined according to the standard ISO 10211:2007. For each type of thermal bridge the catalogue show the respective temperature profile and the specifications of the constructive solutions. The user is able to vary parameters such as the thickness of the building elements (walls and floors or ceiling slab) and the thickness of the insulation layer.

* Linear thermal bridges occur at the junction between different elements of the building envelope. In these zones there is an increase in heat flux and a decrease in interior surface temperatures, leading to the occurrence of condensation. The steady state heat flux is given by the linear thermal transmittance ψ, calculated according to the method provided in ISO 10211.

Linear thermal bridge catalogue: http://www.itecons.uc.pt/catalogoptl/