The INNOVIP project

INNOVIP is a EU funded project that focuses on the development of a highly efficient and multifunctional insulation product for buildings. The goal of the project is to further develop Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) for the building sector. The VIP panels will be made versatile, easier to manufacture and to mount, and will demonstrate improved properties over time.

Itecons is part of a consortium of 12 international partners from both industry and academia that share the vision to offer an innovative VIP solution. The INNOVIP product will be able to be made available at a lower market price by reducing the density of the core material or by incorporating new core materials along with cost efficient high gas barrier films. Additionally, the new product will exhibit improved thermal performance.

This solution will lead to a breakthrough in energy efficiency, both for the construction of new buildings as well as renovations. This product can be deployed for various applications (walls, roofs, floors, internal and external). It is particularly relevant in areas of the envelope where the ratio of insulation thickness to insulation performance is of utmost importance.

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