Heat Pump KEYMARK | Recognition of Itecons as a Test Laboratory

Within the scope of the Heat Pump KEYMARK, Itecons has been recognised together with CERTIF to carry out tests to determine the performance and energy consumption of heat pumps with a built-in tank for domestic hot water, in accordance with the EN 16147 standard.

The Heat Pump KEYMARK is a voluntary and independent European certification mark, used to evaluate the energy performance of heat pumps. This brand follows the requirements established for a type 5 certification scheme of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which requires the performance of concession and monitoring tests, as well as the periodic evaluation of the manufacturing process and the respective quality system.

The Heat Pump KEYMARK is covered by the European Regulations 813/2013 and 814/2013 which establish the requirements for Ecodesign. The issue of a certificate with this mark constitutes a passport for placing products in the European market. More information about this recognition is available at www.heatpumpkeymark.com.