Construction systems and materials

Itecons supports manufacturers in the CE marking of their construction products, even where they are not covered, or not fully covered, by a harmonised standard.

Reference Designation/Description Material/System Comments
SSC.01 EAD 040007-00-1201 - Thermal Insulation Products for Buildings with Radiant Heat Reflective Component Thermal Insulation
SSC.02 EAD 040048-01-0502 - Rubber Fibre Mat to be Used for Impact Sound Insulation Soundproofing
SSC.03 EAD 040049-00-0502 - Polyurethane (PU) foam mat to be used for impact sound insulation Soundproofing
SSC.04 EAD 040089-00-0404 - ETICS with Renderings for the Use on Timber Frame Buildings ETICS
SSC.05 EAD 040288-00-1201 - Factory-made Thermal and Acoustic Insulations Made of Polyester Fibres Thermal Insulation
SSC.06 EAD 040369-00-1201 -Insulation Made of Loose-Fill or Compound Granulated Expanded Cork Thermal Insulation
SSC.07 EAD 040427-00-0404 - Kits for External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) With Mortar as Thermal Insulation Product and Renderings or Discontinuous Claddings as Exterior Skin ETICS
SSC.08 EAD 090017-00-0404 - Point Supported Vertical Glazing Glazed
SSC.09 EAD 090020-00-0404 - Kits for External Wall Claddings made of agglomerated stone Coatings
SSC.10 EAD 090034-00-0404 - Kit Composed by Subframe and Fixings for Fastening Cladding and External Wall Elements Facade Elements
SSC.11 EAD 090062-00-0404 - Kits for External Wall Claddings Mechanically Fixed Coatings
SSC.13 EAD 160004-00-0301 - Post-Tensioning Systems for Prestressing of Structures Concrete
SSC.14 EAD 160027-00-0301 - Special Filling Products for Post-Tensioning Kits Concrete
SSC.15 EAD 200032-00-0602 - Prefabricated Tension Rod Systems with Special end Connectors Prefabricated
SSC.16 EAD 250005-00-0606 - Adhesive for Wall Cladding Coatings
SSC.17 EAD 330232-00-0601 - Mechanical Fasteners for Use in Concrete Concrete
SSC.18 EAD 330340-00-0606 - Factory Made Structural Anchor for Attaching Personal Fall Protection Equipment, Designed to Be Pernanently and Fully Bonded to a Multi-Layered Roof Waterproofing System Facade Elements
SSC.19 EAD 331924-00-0602 - Decking Fixing Assemblies Prefabricated
SSC.21 EAD 340006-00-0506 - Prefabricated Stair kits Prefabricated
SSC.22 EAD 350402-00-1106 - Reactive Coatings for Fire Protection of Steel Elements Reaction to Fire