Construction systems and materials

Itecons supports manufacturers in the CE marking of their construction products, even where they are not covered, or not fully covered, by a harmonised standard.

Reference Designation/Description Material/System Comments
SSC.23 EAD 350140-00-1106 - Renderings and Rendering Kits Intended for Fire Resistant Applications Reaction to Fire
SSC.24 EAD 350142-00-1106 - Fire Protective Board, Slab and Mat Products and Kits Reaction to Fire
SSC.28 EAD 210005-00-0505 - Internal Partition Kits Lightweight partitions
SSC.29 EAD 040083-00-0404 - External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) with renderings ETICS
SSC.30 EAD 030350-00-0402 - Liquid applied roof waterproofing kits Coverings
SSC.38 EAD 340308-00-0203 - Timber building kits Prefabricated
SSC.40 EAD 220089-00-0401 - Self Supporting Translucent Roof Kits Coverings
SSC.41 EAD 130186-00-0603 - Three dimensional nailing plates Coverings
SSC.46 EAD 040914-00-0404 - Veture kits – Prefabricated units for external wall insulation and their fixing devices Prefabricated
SSC.49 EAD 030352-00-0503 - Liquid applied watertight covering kits for wet room floors and/or walls Coatings
SSC.50 EAD 030436-00-0503 - Watertight covering kits based on flexible sheets for wet room floors and/or walls Coatings
SSC.51 EAD 030437-00-0503 - Watertight covering kits based on inherently watertight boards for wet room floors and/or walls Coatings
SSC.56 EAD 040313-00-1201 - In-situ formed loose fill thermal and/or acoustic insulation product made of granulated expanded cork Thermal Insulation