Placing or making available construction products on the market

In order to demonstrate that the construction product meets the community harmonization legislation, and consequently freely circulate in the European Union Internal Market, the CE marking is using by the manufacturer.

The requirements applicable to the construction products are described in the Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of The European Parliament and of the Council, which establishes the conditions for the placement or availability of construction products in the market.

The CE marking procedure is obligatory when a specific product is covered by a harmonised standard that is already on the Official Journal of the European Union.

For construction products that are not covered by a harmonised standard, it is also possible to affix the CE marking through a voluntary route. In this process, Itecons can help the manufacturer as a Technical Assessment Body (TAB), recognised by the European Commission, to prepare a European Assessment Document (EAD) and issue a European Technical Assessment (ETA), in the scope of the Regulation of Construction Products.

As soon as the application method of the CE marking on the construction product is defined, it is necessary to understand what will be the system of Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) to apply to the product. Apart from this assessment, the manufacturer is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of a factory production control which should fulfil the requirements of the applicable system of AVCP.

According to the applicable system of AVCP, the manufacturers and/or the Notified Body designated by the manufacturer must perform their duties. As an accredited Testing Laboratory, Itecons is able to assist manufacturers in affixing the CE marking, for a System 3 product, for a wide range of construction products. The range of products for which Itecons acts as a Notified Body can be found here.

The manufacturer must prepare the Declaration of Performance of his product, describing the performance of their products in relation to the essential characteristics. After issuing the declaration of performance, the manufacturer is in conditions to affix the CE marking in their construction product and will have to create a label of the CE marking, based on the declaration of performance.

More information can be obtained in the ACCEPT CE MARKING Platform.