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ACL.01 Laboratory test: Measurement of airborne sound reduction index for Rw. Range: Rw ≤ 72 dB ISO 10140-1:2021 (except annexes J and K); ISO 10140-2: 2021; ISO 10140-4:2021; ISO 717-1:2020 Building elements EN 1793-2:2018, EN 1793-3:1997 (only applicable to noise barriers intended for road traffic); EN 16272-2:2012, EN 16272-3-1:2012 (only applicable to noise barriers intended for railway)
ACL.15 Laboratory test: Acoustic intensimetry Internal procedure Construction elements; machinery and equipment
ACL.18 Laboratory measurement of airborne sound transmission loss, TL (only applicable to building facade specimens including walls, doors, windows, and combinations thereof) Test procedure adapted from standards ASTM E90-09; ASTM E2235-04, ASTM E413-22 and ASTM E1332-22 Construction products
ARG.00 Mortar characterization - Other tests (standards EN, ASTM, LNEC…) Diverse Mortar
ARG.01 Determination of particle size distribution of mortars by sieve analysis EN 1015-1:1998, EN 1015-1:1998/A1:2006 Mortar
ARG.02 Determination of density (vibration method, filling method and shock method) EN 1015-6:1998, EN 1015-6:1998/A1:2006 Mortars
ARG.03.01 Determination of workable life and correction time of fresh mortar - Method A EN 1015-9:1999, EN 1015-9:1999/A1:2006 (Method A) Mortar
ARG.03.02 Determination of workable life and correction time of fresh mortar - Method B EN 1015-9:1999, EN 1015-9:1999/A1:2006 (Method B) Mortar
ARG.03.03 Determination of workable life and correction time of fresh mortar - Method C EN 1015-9:1999, EN 1015-9:1999/A1:2006 (Method C) Mortar
ARG.04 Determination of flexural and compressive strength EN 1015-11:2019 Mortars
ARG.05 Determination of water vapour permeability EN 1015-19:1998, EN 1015-19:1998/A1:2004 Hardened plastering mortars
ARG.06 Determination of shrinkage EN 13888-2:2022 (section 9.3) Grouts for tiles
ARG.07 Determination of consistence of fresh mortar (by flow table) EN 1015-3:1999, EN 1015-3:1999/A1:2004, EN 1015-3:1999/A2:2006 Mortars
ARG.08 Determination of dry bulk density in hardened conditions EN 1015-10:1999, EN 1015-10:1999/A1:2006 Mortars
ARG.09 Determination of adhesive strength of hardened rendering and plastering mortars on substrates (laboratory conditions) EN 1015-12:2016 Mortar