Construction Quality Control

Itecons is accredited to perform most of the tests required for construction quality control. The Institute has vast experience in construction management and project design review, as well as in the characterisation of construction materials’ properties.

Testing areas (15)
Products (101)

Reference Designation/Description Accredited
ACO.18 Isothermal relaxation test ISO 15630-3:2019 (section 9) Prestressing steel wires and strands 120 or 1000 hours.
ACO.19 Deflected tensile test ISO 15630-3:2019 (section 12) Prestressing steel - strand
ACO.20 Axial tensile strength fatigue test ISO 15630-3:2019 (section 10) Steel wires and strands for prestressing
ACO.30 Verification of post-installed anchors BS 8539:2012+A1:2021 - Annex B.3 Mechanical and chemical anchors
AGR.00 Aggregate characterization - Other tests (Standards EN, ASTM, LNEC…) Diversas
AGR.01 Determination of resistance to fragmentation of aggregates - Los Angeles test EN 1097-2:2020 (section 5) Aggregate
AGR.02 Determination of particle size distribution of aggregates. Sieving method EN 933-1:2012 Aggregate
AGR.03 Determination of the resistance to wear of aggregares (micro-Deval test) EN 1097-1:2011 (except Annex A) Aggregate
AGR.04 Assessment of fines of aggregates - Sand equivalent test EN 933-8:2012+A1:2015 Aggregate
AGR.05 Determination of particle shape - Flakiness index of aggregates EN 933-3:2012 Aggregate
AGR.06 Determination of the particle density of filler by pyknometer method EN 1097-7:2022 Aggregate,Filler
AGR.07 Determination of particle shape of aggregates - Shape index EN 933-4:2008 Aggregate
AGR.08 Assessment of fines of aggregates - Methylene blue test EN 933-9:2022 Aggregate
AGR.09 Determination of density and water absorption of aggregates EN 1097-6:2022 (Except Annexes E and H) Aggregate
AGR.10.01 Determination of loose bulk density and voids of aggregates EN 1097-3:2002 (Except Annex A) Aggregate