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Reference Designation/Description Accredited
ACL.01 Laboratory test: Measurement of airborne sound reduction index for Rw. Range: Rw ≤ 72 dB ISO 10140-1:2016 (except annexes J and K); ISO 10140-2: 2010; ISO 10140-4:2010; ISO 717-1:2013; EN 1793-2:2018 (only applicable to noise barriers intended for road traffic) Building elements Range: Rw ≤ 72 dB
ACL.02 Laboratory test: Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room NP EN ISO 354:2007 Building elements
ACL.03 Laboratory test: Determination of impact sound insulation index, Ln, w. Range Ln,w ≥ 25 dB ISO 10140-3:2010; ISO 10140-3:2010/Amd 1:2015; ISO 10140-4:2010; ISO 717-2:2013 Building elements Range: Ln,w ≥ 25 dB
ACL.04 Laboratory test: Measurement of impact sound insulation of roofs, roof/ceiling systems and skylights excited by artificial rainfall, LIA. ISO 140-18 Building elements
ACL.05 Laboratory measurement of the efectiveness of floor coverings in reducing impact sound transmission through concrete floors, ∆IIC ASTM E2179-03; ASTM E492-04; ASTM E989-89 Building elements
ACL.06 Laboratory measurement of the reduction of the transmitted impact noise by floor coverings ∆Lw. Range: ∆Lw ≤ 50 dB ISO 10140-1:2016; ISO 10140-3:2010; ISO 10140-3:2010/Amd 1:2015; ISO 10140-4:2010; EN ISO 717-2:2013 Building elements Range: ∆Lw ≤ 50 dB
ACL.18 Laboratory measurement of airborne sound transmission loss, TL Test procedure adapted from standards ASTM E90-09; ASTM E2235-04 and ASTM E413-16 Construction products
ACL.22 Castor chair test of resilient and laminate floor coverings EN 425 Resilient and laminate floor coverings
AGR.35 Determination of the dry density and water content - Proctor compaction test EN 13286-2:2010 (Except for mould C and Annex B), EN 13286-2:2010/AC:2012 Soil, Aggregate
AGR.36 Determination of the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) index, the immediate bearing index and the linear swelling of unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures EN 13286-47:2012 Soil, Aggregate
ARG.00 Mortar characterization - Other tests (standards EN, ASTM, LNEC…) Diverse Mortar
ARG.01 Determination of particle size distribution of mortars by sieve analysis EN 1015-1:1998, EN 1015-1:1998/A1:2006 Mortar
ARG.02 Determination of bulk density of fresh mortar (vibration method, shock method and filling method) EN 1015-6:1998, EN 1015-6:1998/A1:2006 Mortar
ARG.03.01 Determination of workable life and correction time of fresh mortar - Method A EN 1015-9:1999, EN 1015-9:1999/A1:2006 (Method A) Mortar
ARG.03.02 Determination of workable life and correction time of fresh mortar - Method B EN 1015-9:1999, EN 1015-9:1999/A1:2006 (Method B) Mortar