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Reference Designation/Description Accredited
AGR.34 Particle size analysis by laser difraction ISO 13320:2020 Granular materials; Powder; Emulsions
AGR.35 Determination of the dry density and water content - Proctor compaction test EN 13286-2:2010 (Except for mould C and Annex B), EN 13286-2:2010/AC:2012 Soil, Aggregate
AGR.36 Determination of the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) index, the immediate bearing index and the linear swelling of unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures EN 13286-47:2012 Soil, Aggregate
QUI.184.01 Determination of dry matter content by gravimetry EN 14346:2006 Wastes ---
QUI.184.02 Determination of moisture content by gravimetry EN 14346:2006 Wastes ---
QUI.185 Determination of organic matter content (550ºC) by gravimetry Internal method Wastes ---
QUI.76 Determination of total organic carbon in residue, mud and sediment samples by combustion and infrared EN 13137:2001 Wastes, Sludge and Sediments ---
QUI.78 Determination of the pH value by potentiometry EPA 9045D:2004 Wastes ---
SOL.01 Particle size analysis of soils by wet sieving LNEC E 239:1970 Soil, Aggregate
SOL.02 Soil compaction test (Proctor) LNEC E 197:1966 Soil, Aggregate
SOL.03 Determination of the CBR of soils LNEC E 198:1967 Soil, Aggregate
SOL.04 Determination of soil consistency limits NP 143:1969 Soil, Aggregate
SOL.05 Soil sand equivalent test LNEC E 199:1967 Soil, Aggregate
SOL.06 Soil methylene blue test NF P 94-068 Soil, Aggregate
SOL.07 Determination of the density by nuclear methods ASTM D 6938 – 15 Soil, Aggregate