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Reference Designation/Description Accredited
AGR.34 Particle size analysis by laser difraction ISO 13320:2020 Granular materials; Powder; Emulsions
AGR.35 Determination of the dry density and water content - Proctor compaction test EN 13286-2:2010 (Except for mould C and Annex B), EN 13286-2:2010/AC:2012 Soil, Aggregate
AGR.36 Determination of the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) index, the immediate bearing index and the linear swelling of unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures EN 13286-47:2012 Soil, Aggregate
QUI.184.01 Determination of dry matter content by gravimetry EN 14346:2006 Wastes ---
QUI.184.02 Determination of moisture content by gravimetry EN 14346:2006 Wastes ---
QUI.185 Determination of organic matter content (550ºC) by gravimetry Internal method Wastes ---
QUI.186 Preparation of eluate of waste, sludges and soils, including determination of dry matter content in the waste and determination of pH and electrical conductivity in the eluate Internal Procedure QUI.186.IE.01 equivalent to EN 12457-4:2002 Wastes Portuguese "Decreto-Lei n.º 183/2009 (tabela 2 e na tabela da Parte B do Anexo IV)"
QUI.282 Determination of moisture content and dry matter by gravimetry of waste, sludges and soils Internal Procedure QUI.282.IE.01 equivalent to ISO 11465:1993 e EN 12880:2000 Waste, sludges and soils
QUI.76 Determination of total organic carbon in residue, mud and sediment samples by combustion and infrared EN 13137:2001 Wastes, Sludge and Sediments ---
QUI.78 Determination of the pH value by potentiometry EPA 9045D:2004 Wastes ---
SOL.01 Particle size analysis of soils by wet sieving LNEC E 239:1970 Soil, Aggregate
SOL.02 Soil compaction test (Proctor) LNEC E 197:1966 Soil, Aggregate
SOL.03 Determination of the CBR of soils LNEC E 198:1967 Soil, Aggregate
SOL.04 Determination of soil consistency limits NP 143:1969 Soil, Aggregate
SOL.05 Soil sand equivalent test LNEC E 199:1967 Soil, Aggregate