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Comments (Administrator)
BET.01 Compressive strength test of specimens EN 12390-3:2019 Hardened concrete
BET.02 Extraction, examination and compression test EN 12504-1:2019; EN 12504-1:2019/AC:2020 Concrete cores
BET.03 Evaluation of the strength of concrete in the structures - Non-destructive test: Determination of the sclerometric index EN 12504-2 Concrete
BET.04 Determination of the compressive strength of hardened concrete specimens LNEC E 226 Hardened concrete test pieces
BET.05 Spreading table test NP EN 12350-5 Fresh concrete
BET.06 Slump test EN 12350-2:2019 Fresh concrete
BET.07 Vebe test EN 12350-3:2019 Fresh concrete
BET.08 Interpretation of results of identity tests on concrete test pieces NP EN 206-1 Hardened concrete test pieces
BET.09 Determination of the tensile strength by compression of hardened concrete specimens NP EN 12390-6 Hardened concrete test pieces
BET.10 Determination of density EN 12390-7:2019; EN 12390-7:2019/AC:2020 Hardened concrete
BET.11 Determination of the modulus of elasticity in compression DIN 1048-5 Hardened concrete test pieces
BET.12 Determination of the flexural strength of test specimens EN 12390-5:2019 Hardened concrete
BET.13 Determination of concrete shrinkage and expansion LNEC E 398:1993 Hardened concrete test pieces
BET.14 Determination of concrete carbonation depth Internal procedure based on EN 13295 standard Hardened concrete test pieces
BET.15 Determination of compression strength NP EN 445:2008 (section 4.6) Injection grouts for prestressing tendons