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Itecons can assist the manufacturer of construction products in characterizing their products through the experience of our technicians and laboratory conditions that we provide.

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Reference Designation/Description Accredited
ACO.23 Fatigue test of steel bars for reinforced concrete reinforcement ISO 15630-1:2019 (section 8) Ribbed rods/ steel
ACO.24 Ceiling support tensile test
ACO.25 Measurement of the geometrical characteristics of welded fabric ISO 15630-2:2019 (section 10.1) Welded fabric
ACO.26 Tensile test (elongation after fracture, total extension at maximum force, maximum force, upper yield strength and tensile strength) of welded fabric ISO 15630-2:2019 (section 5) Welded fabric
AGR.00 Aggregate characterization - Other tests (Standards EN, ASTM, LNEC…) Diversas
AGR.01 Determination of resistance to fragmentation of aggregates - Los Angeles test EN 1097-2:2020 Aggregate
AGR.02 Determination of particle size distribution of aggregates by sieving method EN 933-1:2012 Aggregate
AGR.03 Determination of the resistance to wear of aggregares (micro-Deval test) EN 1097-1:2011 (except Annex A) Aggregate
AGR.04 Assessment of fines of aggregates - Sand equivalent test EN 933-8:2012+A1:2015 Aggregate
AGR.05 Determination of particle shape of aggregates - Flakiness index EN 933-3:2012 Aggregate
AGR.06 Determination of the particle density of filler by pyknometer method EN 1097-7:2008 Aggregate,Filler
AGR.07 Determination of particle shape of aggregates - Shape index EN 933-4:2008 Aggregate
AGR.08 Assessment of fines of aggregates - Methylene blue test EN 933-9:2009 + A1:2013 Aggregate
AGR.09 Determination of particle density and water absorption of aggregates EN 1097-6:2013 (Except Annex E and G) Aggregate
AGR.10.01 Determination of loose bulk density and voids of aggregates EN 1097-3:2002 (Except Annex A) Aggregate