Windows, doors and exterior cladding

Itecons has remarkable laboratory conditions in Portugal to test large windows, doors and facades and has a vast experience in testing exterior coatings.

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Comments (Administrator)
CXL.01 Determination of the air permeability EN 1026:2016, EN 12207:2016 Doors and windows
CXL.02 Determination of water tightness EN 1027:2016, EN 12208:1999 Doors and windows
CXL.03 Determination of the resistance to wind load EN 12211:2016, EN 12210:2016 Doors and windows
CXL.04 Determination of the resistance to loading in the leaf plan EN 14608:2004 Windows
CXL.05 Determination of the resistance to static torsion EN 14609:2004 Windows
CXL.06 Determination of the operating forces EN 12046-1:2020 Windows (except vertical sliding windows)
CXL.07 Determination of the impact resistance EN 13049:2003 Exterior pedestrian doors and windows
CXL.08 Determination of the resistance to vertical load EN 947:1998 Doors
CXL.09 Determination of the resistance to static torsion EN 948:1999 Doors
CXL.10 Determination of the resistance to soft and heavy body impact for doors EN 949:1998, EN 1192:1999 Doors
CXL.11 Determinatio of the resistance to hard body impact for door leaves EN 950:1999, EN 1192:1999 Doors
CXL.12 Determination of the dimensional characteristics of door leaves EN 951:1998 Doors
CXL.13 Determination of the general and local flatness of door leaves EN 952:1999 Doors
CXL.14 Determination of operating forces EN 12046-2:2000; Internal Procedure CXL.14.IE.01 (version no. 5 of October 2022) Doors
CXL.15 Determination of resistance to repeated opening and closing EN 1191:2012 Doors and windows