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Reference Designation/Description Accredited
AGR.34 Particle size analysis by laser difraction ISO 13320:2020 Granular materials; Powder; Emulsions
BTM.00 Bituminous mixtures and binders characterization - Other tests (standards EN, ASTM, LNEC…) - Bituminous mixtures
BTM.01 Binder content of bituminous mixtures by ignition EN 12697-39:2020 Bituminous mixtures
BTM.02 Determination of the dimensions of bituminous specimens EN 12697-29:2020 Bituminous mixtures
BTM.03.01 Determination of dry bulk density of bituminous mixtures EN 12697-6:2020 (Method A) Bituminous mixtures
BTM.03.02 Determination of saturated surface dry (SSD) bulk density of bituminous mixtures EN 12697-6:2020 (Method B) Bituminous mixtures
BTM.03.03 Determination of sealed specimen of bituminous mixtures bulk density EN 12697-6:2020 (Method C) Bituminous mixtures
BTM.03.04 Determination of bulk density by dimensions of bituminous mixtures EN 12697-6:2020 (Method D) Bituminous mixtures
BTM.04 Determination of needle penetration of bitumen and bituminous binders EN 1426:2015 Bitumen and bituminous binders
BTM.05 Determination of the softening point of bitumen and bituminous binders. Ring and Ball method EN 1427:2015 Bitumen and bituminous binders
BTM.06 Determination of the maximum density of bituminous mixtures EN 12697-5:2018 (Method A) Bituminous mixtures
BTM.07 Determination of the water sensitivity of bituminous specimens EN 12697-12:2018 (Method A) Bituminous mixtures
BTM.08 Specimen preparation of bituminous mixtures by impact compactor EN 12697-30:2018 Bituminous mixtures
BTM.09 Marshall test of bituminous mixtures EN 12697-34:2020 Bituminous mixtures
BTM.10.01 Determination of soluble binder content of bituminous mixtures EN 12697-1:2020 (Annex B: B1.5 e B2.1) Bituminous mixtures