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Reference Designation/Description Accredited
ACI.01 Environmental noise: Measurement of environmental noise. Annoyance response ISO 1996-1:2016; ISO 1996-2:2017; Procedimento Interno ACI.01.IE.01 (version no. 8 of May 2020) or NP ISO 1996-1:2011; NP ISO 1996-2:2011; Annex I of Portuguese Decree-Law No. 9/2007; Internal Procedure ACI.01.IE.02 (version no. 1 of May 2020) Environmental noise
ACL.01 Laboratory test: Measurement of airborne sound reduction index for Rw. Range: Rw ≤ 72 dB ISO 10140-1:2016 (except annexes J and K); ISO 10140-2: 2010; ISO 10140-4:2010; ISO 717-1:2013; EN 1793-2:2018 (only applicable to noise barriers intended for road traffic) Building elements Range: Rw ≤ 72 dB
ACL.02 Laboratory test: Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room NP EN ISO 354:2007 Building elements
ACL.03 Laboratory test: Determination of impact sound insulation index, Ln, w. Range Ln,w ≥ 25 dB ISO 10140-3:2010; ISO 10140-3:2010/Amd 1:2015; ISO 10140-4:2010; ISO 717-2:2013 Building elements Range: Ln,w ≥ 25 dB
ACL.06 Laboratory measurement of the reduction of the transmitted impact noise by floor coverings ∆Lw. Range: ∆Lw ≤ 50 dB ISO 10140-1:2016; ISO 10140-3:2010; ISO 10140-3:2010/Amd 1:2015; ISO 10140-4:2010; EN ISO 717-2:2013 Building elements Range: ∆Lw ≤ 50 dB
VBR.02 Dynamic characterisation of anti-vibration mounts for suspended ceilings Internal procedure VBR.02.IE.01 (version no. 3 of maio 2020) Anti-vibration mounts for suspended ceilings