Itecons offers a wide range of accredited and non-accredited tests to perform in laboratory conditions or in situ, for the characterisation of materials used in construction works, in the development of new solutions for construction or for CE marking.

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Reference Designation/Description Accredited
PNT.11 Determination of the slip resistance by means of the pendulum tester of natural stone EN 14231:2003 Natural stone, Dimension stone
PNT.12 Determination of water absorption coefficient by capillary of natural stone EN 1925:1999 Natural stone, Dimension stone
PNT.14 Determination of breaking load at dowel hole of natural stone EN 13364:2001 Natural stone, Dimension stone
PNT.15 Absorption and bulk specific gravity of dimension stone ASTM C97/C97M-18 Natural stone, Dimension stone
PNT.16 Compressive Strength of Dimension Stone ASTM C170/C170M-17 Natural stone, Dimension stone
PNT.17 Flexural strength of dimension stone ASTM C880/C880M-18 Natural stone, Dimension stone
PNT.18 Modulus of rupture of dimension stone ASTM C99/C99M-18 Natural stone, Dimension stone
PNT.19 Determination of sound speed propagation of natural stone EN 14579:2004 Natural stone, Dimension stone
PNT.20 Determination of rupture energy of natural stone EN 14158:2004 Natural stone, Dimension stone
PNT.22 Determination of the slip resistance by means of the pendulum tester ASTM E 303 - 93 Natural stone; Dimension stone; Pavement
PRD.01 Determination of the dimensions of masonry blocks EN 772-16:2011 Masonry blocks
PRD.02 Determination of the flatness in masonry block faces NP EN 772-20:2002, EN 772-20:2000/A1:2005 Masonry blocks
PRD.03 Determination of the compressive strength of masonry blocks EN 772-1:2011+A1:2015 Masonry blocks Range: 0 to 60 MPa
PRD.04 Determination of water absorption by capillarity in masonry blocks EN 772-11:2011 Masonry blocks
PRD.05 Determination of density by hydrostatic weighing of masonry blocks NP EN 772-13:2002 Masonry blocks