Physics and Mechanics

Itecons has at its disposal modern facilities designed to carry out a variety of tests including physical and mechanical accredited tests in accordance with the latest national and European standards. We perform resistance tests, durability studies, property verification and fault analysis.

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Reference Designation/Description Accredited
Comments (Administrator)
ACO.18 Isothermal relaxation test ISO 15630-3:2019 (section 9) Prestressing steel wires and strands 120 or 1000 hours.
ACO.19 Deflected tensile test ISO 15630-3:2019 (section 12) Prestressing steel - strand
ACO.20 Axial force fatigue test ISO 15630-3:2019 (section 10) Pre-stressing-steel
ACO.21 Shock or impact test on notched Charpy specimen ISO 148-1:2016 Metallic materials
ACO.22 Tensile test of metals and metal alloys (parameters: Fm, Fpx%, ReH, Rpx%, Rm, A, Agt, A (manual), S0, Su, Z, E) ISO 6892-1:2019 Metals and metal alloys
ACO.23 Fatigue test of steel rebars ISO 15630-1:2019 (section 8) Steel for the reinforcement
ACO.24 Ceiling support tensile test EN 13964:2014 (sections 5.3.2 e 5.3.4) Ceiling suppor
ACO.27 Bend test on welded intersection of welded fabric for concrete ISO 15630-2:2019 (section 6) Welded fabric for concrete
ACO.29 Vickers hardness test ISO 6507-1:2018 Metals and metal alloys Three indentations
ACO.30 Verification of post-installed anchors BS 8539:2012+A1:2021 - Annex B.3 Mechanical and chemical anchors
AGR.00 Aggregate characterization - Other tests (Standards EN, ASTM, LNEC…) Diversas
AGR.01 Determination of resistance to fragmentation - Los Angeles method EN 1097-2:2020 (section 5) Aggregates
AGR.02 Determination of particle size distribution. Sieving method EN 933-1:2012 Aggregates
AGR.03 Determination of the resistance to wear (micro-Deval test) EN 1097-1:2011 (except Annex A) Aggregates
AGR.04 Assessment of fines - Sand equivalent test EN 933-8:2012+A1:2015 Aggregates