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Energy performance, environmental impact and safety are increasingly more relevant when choosing construction material and equipment. Itecons has facilities to carry out tests catering to these concerns.

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QUI.13 Migration test to assess the influence of organic materials on the color and turbidity of water intended for human consumption Internal procedure QUI.13.IE.01 (version no. 3 of August 2021) equivalent to EN 13052-1:2001 Products of industrial manufacture from or incorporating organic materials "Annex A” from the “Project of Regulation which lays down the conditions of the Approval Scheme in Portugal for products in contact with water intended for human consumption” of the ERSAR (The Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority)
QUI.14.02 Odour determination by the dilution method EN 1622:2006 Waste water (liquid effluent) ---
QUI.141 Determination of metals (Na, K, Mg, Na) in liquid biofuels by optical emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES) EN 14214, NP EN 14538:2011 Liquid biofuels EN 14214:2012+A2:2019
QUI.142 Determination of sulfated ash content by gravimetry ISO 3987:2010 Liquid biofuels EN 14214:2012+A2:2019
QUI.143 Determination of total contamination content by gravimetry EN 12662:2014 Liquid biofuels EN 14214:2012+A2:2019
QUI.144 Determinação do teor de enxofre por espectrometria de fluorescência de raios-X dispersivo de comprimento de onda (WDXRF) EN 14214, EN ISO 20884:2011 Liquid biofuels EN 14214:2012+A2:2019
QUI.145 Determination of the acidity index by volumetry EN 14104:2003 Liquid biofuels EN 14214:2012+A2:2019
QUI.146 Determination of the iodine index by volumetry EN 14111:2003 Liquid biofuels EN 14214:2012+A2:2019
QUI.147 Determination of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content by elementary analysis EN 15104:2011 Solid biofuels ISO 17255-1:2014, ISO 17255-2:2014
QUI.148 Determination of total chlorine and sulfur content by elementary analysis EN 15289:2011 Solid biofuels ISO 17255-1:2014, ISO 17255-2:2014
QUI.149 Determinação de metais (As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Mn, Mo, Ni, Pb, Sb, V, Zn) em biocombustíveis sólidos por espectrometria de emissão atómica com plasma indutivamente acoplado (ICP-OES) EN 14961-1, EN 14961-2, EN 15297:2011 Solid biofuels ISO 17255-1:2014, ISO 17255-2:2014
QUI.15.02 Determination of colour by by molecular absorption spectrophotometry Internal procedure QUI.15.IE.01 (version no 3 of October 2020) equivalent to ISO 7887:2011 (Method C) Groundwater ---
QUI.150 Determinação do teor de humidade em biocombustíveis sólidos por gravimentria EN 14774-1:2009 Solid biofuels ISO 17255-1:2014, ISO 17255-2:2014
QUI.151 Determinação do teor de cinzas em biocombustíveis sólidos por gravimetria EN 14775:2009 Solid biofuels ISO 17255-1:2014, ISO 17255-2:2014
QUI.152 Determinação da densidade de biocombustíveis sólidos EN 15103:2009 Solid biofuels ISO 17255-1:2014, ISO 17255-2:2014